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Digital transformation in a hotel is a process of changing the ways of interacting with customers, replacing manual and outdated ways of doing business with the latest digital alternatives.

Big Data or “big data”. Hotels collect huge amounts of information, but few people use them. The implementation of data processing and analysis solutions will help to identify patterns, model scenarios and predict changes, anticipate wishes and accurately understand the preferences of guests.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are the next generation of software products that will be able to offer personalized products to guests, thereby opening up wide opportunities for increasing revenue and increasing profitability of the hotel

Business Analytics (BI). Smart and predictive analytics increases the efficiency of all internal processes of the hotel: registration, cleaning and maintenance, supply, configuration and repair management. Allows you to work with reports in real time and from any device.

Since 1998, SandSoft has been developing software products and Internet services for hotels and sanatoriums. Our specialists have extensive experience in implementing advanced IT solutions in large and small hotels, independent and chain hotels. For the convenience of working in hotels, sanatoriums and boarding houses, we have developed special modules that take into account the specifics of the operation of such facilities.

The question is not just about buying another module or program. Digital transformation is a change in mindset from top management to maids.

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Time-tested software products, stable and reliable create a solid information base for management and decision-making. But using only such solutions is not possible to become a leader. Innovation is the creation and testing of new ideas and new approaches in work. Only by creating something new can sustainable development be sustained.

We are ready to find a comfortable balance for your company between stability and innovation.

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