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Software solutions by SandSoft

SandSoft Hotel and SandSoft Sanatorium software products: booking management, voucher management, guest registration, dynamic pricing, POS hotel system, medical registration and advanced data analysis system. Full list of features.

Hotel accounting

Hotel accounting is a software for accounting based on 1C: Platform 8. The program allows you to keep track of vouchers, expands the possibilities of accounting of fixed assets and allows integration with a large number of PMS systems.

Hotel CRM

Hotel CRM is a specialized customer relationship management system at all stages of interaction with guests. The system allows you to integrate with the booking forms on the sites, various reservation system and a wide range of PMS (HMS) software and services.

USALI reporting and BI

USALI Management Accounting is a service based on the Finoko platform that allows you to collect data from all primary accounting systems: PMS, accounting programs, restaurant and human resource systems and to form a full set of reports in English, Russian, Italian or French.

Hotel SRM

The management of the purchase and supply of a hotel or sanatorium is a software product created specifically for the management of relations with suppliers. The program allows to automate the selection of the supplier, manage digital documents and manage the documentation of the purchase in your hotel

Property maintenance