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Medical treatments in the sanatorium: how to manage a set of services

In the SandSoft Sanatorium program, there is an opportunity to keep a directory of procedures provided in the sanatorium. Contains a list of performed procedures that the sanatorium provides both as part of vouchers and for an additional fee.

The system allows:

Maintain a list of procedures provided and collect them in groups;

  • Link procedures to offices or individual places where they are located;
  • Adjust the duration of the procedure and the time interval between procedures;
  • Configure the compatibility of procedures with each other;
  • Set prices using different tariffs;
  • Assign procedures to guests as part of a voucher or for a fee;
  • Automatically distribute assigned procedures taking into account the available time of cabinets and compatibility settings;
  • Generate analytical reports on the demand for individual procedures in the sanatorium as a whole and the number of services provided to individual guests.

Maintaining a list of procedures in the sanatorium

The list of procedures in the SandSoft Sanatorium program is a hierarchical list that makes it possible to group according to various criteria. The number of nesting levels allows you to flexibly configure and quickly find the necessary procedures when assigning.

Linking procedures to places of service provision

For all procedures, the place of service provision is set. The place of rendering can be both the entire office and a separate workplace in the office. The service can be provided in several places. For example, massage can be performed simultaneously by several specialists in different offices. The program allows you to set several places for one procedure and keep a work schedule for each place.

Setting the duration of procedures

Various procedures in the sanatorium take different time, which is necessary for their provision. The program sets the duration of the procedure, as well as the required waiting time (rest) before and after the procedure.

Procedures in the sanatorium: setting up the compatibility of procedures

An important part of automatic schedule management is the compatibility of procedures with each other. Not all procedures can be performed in a row, after some procedures, rest is necessary. The program allows you to specify which procedures are incompatible and how long the guest should rest after the procedure before he can plan the next one.

Procedures in the sanatorium: setting prices

Procedures in the sanatorium have a cost that may change over time. To manage the cost of services provided, the program provides a system of tariffs. There can be any number of tariffs. The most common case is the use of at least three tariffs for procedures in a sanatorium:

  • According to the voucher – as a rule, the lowest prices for the procedures for which the appointment is made as part of the voucher;
  • Standard – usually the tariff is used for additional paid services to guests;
  • Without accommodation is traditionally the highest rate for guests who do not live in a sanatorium, but want to use the services of a medical complex.

Prices for tariffs are set for a period of time. Setting prices can be done in the program or downloaded via an Excel file template.

Appointment of procedures in the sanatorium

The appointment of procedures to guests of the sanatorium or guests without accommodation is possible from the medical registry, or in the process of receiving a doctor.

During the doctor’s appointment, the program allows you to form medical records about the medical history and prescribe medical procedures. If procedures are prescribed from an electronic medical history, they are saved for further analysis of treatment results.

In many cases, an appointment does not require a visit to a doctor and such an appointment can be made from the office schedule management interface. In the procedure assignment interface, you can select by name, by group and immediately see by the guest’s last name what services were previously provided to him and, if necessary, easily repeat any of them.

Automatic distribution of procedures in the sanatorium

The program of the medical dispatcher performs automatic distribution of procedures taking into account the work schedule of the offices, the patient’s schedule, the required time for the provision of services, rest time after the procedure and possible compatibility of procedures with each other.

The automatically scheduled time can be easily changed if the guest requests it.

Analytical reports on the demand for procedures in the sanatorium

The SandSoft Sanatorium program generates a large number of reports that allow:

  • analyze the relevance of individual procedures;
  • analyze which of the doctors prefers to prescribe which procedures;
  • which procedures are assigned as part of the vouchers, and which are for an additional fee;
  • what kind of revenue is obtained by the medical complex and for what procedures.

The automation system of the medical complex of the sanatorium SandSoft allows you to flexibly configure procedures in the sanatorium, manage prices and schedule of services. The module can be used as part of an integrated automation system, or as a separate program for the medical unit of the sanatorium.