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Managing the statuses of rooms available for accommodation

Business accounting includes operations for planning room cleaning, registration and control of repair and maintenance requirements, management of room provision and material consumption.

  • Cleaning planning – involves setting the rules of room cleaning and further formation of the cleaning schedule in accordance with these rules and the schedule of guests’ stay.
  • Room service – registration of requirements received from guests for room maintenance and repair, the formation of tasks for performers.
  • Provision management – control of the equipment of rooms with the necessary accessories in accordance with the established standards of equipment and replacement dates. Control of the consumption of software materials for the provision of numbers.

The module “Number management” allows you to:

  • Store a list of hotel rooms with their parameters (number of seats, category);
  • Set, change and monitor the status of the numbers.

The program allows you to keep a list of numbers. For each number, it is possible to specify the type of number, status. The list of rooms can be kept by buildings and by floors.

For each number, it is possible to specify the availability status for use or temporarily remove it from the current list of rooms (for example, to rent it out for a long-term lease).

A separate subsystem manages the cleaning status in the rooms, allows you to plan and monitor the activities of the maids.